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Current Updates! (7/20/21)

Just when I think I’m done with this website I think of more things to update. Turns out all it takes is an obsessive night of rabbit holes.

Maybe you want sign the guestbook just so I know if people have seen this or not?


  •  Comics page will be cleaned up and majorly updated soon


Major clean up of the Games and Music page:


  • The soundtrack album link works again! It’s available to download. Has anyone ever watched those old horrible Bratz movies? I’m sorry to say that the soundtrack album sounds very similar to the songs in those movies. Maybe a little better . . .

  • I’m currently trying to get some of the flash games to work with an adobe alternative, since adobe is obsolete now. Not all links work. Trying to find which games are lost forever and which I can salvage.

  • Dollz Mania shut down and became Virtual Popstar , but using Wayback Machine I have found some pages that work for the most part and have the W.i.t.c.h. Dollmaker ready to play online! I’m trying to download them to preserve them.

  • I think I’ll be updating the Game Collection zip file after I’m done with all of this.

  • And if you miss Dollzmania like I do, here is a link to a page with way more dollmakers from way back then! Just keep hitting the arrows or select a date to go back or forward in time to eventually load new dollmakers. (Sometimes not all images will load but it's still great we get it back!.)

 (^Examples from the creator of the dollmaker, obviously.^)

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